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Robb Report

In February—following the reveal of the world’s first fully electric sport motorcycle late last year from the San Francisco manufacturer Mission Motorcycles—Lito Green Motion, a 5-year-old company out of Quebec that designs and engineers electric technology, began producing the Sora, the first fully electric cruiser motorcycle. Lito spent the last 2.5 years testing prototypes of the $49,900 motorcycle, which features an electronically adjustable seat that converts the cruiser to a sportier café racer. The bike has a continuously variable transmission and a regenerative breaking system that allows it to recover power during stop-and-go driving.

Like the Mission RS, the Sora is all torque—70 ft lbs, to be exact, delivered instantaneously, which allows it go from zero to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds. Without the rattle of an internal combustion engine, the Sora delivers a smoother ride that is more stable than a standard gas-powered cruiser in turns and at high speeds. The hand-assembled 12 kWh lithium-ion battery, which can be charged via a standard household electrical outlet, produces 42.5 kW. The bike can reach 118 mph and has a range of 60 highway miles and 120 miles around town. Available in maroon, black, or white (custom colors are available at an extra cost), with a chassis made from carbon fiber and aluminum, the Sora features a convenient Safe Range Mode that helps prevent running out of battery power. Riders can input their destination into a touchscreen GPS, and the bike automatically sets the maximum speed and power usage needed to arrive at the given location.

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