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It’s a glorious day for electric bike fans and for the Canadian bike industry as the Lito Sora superbike finally hits the streets. The brain child of 5-year-old upstart Lito Green Motion, Sora blends in the most advanced electric technologies, superbike performance and exquisite café-racer styling to die for.

Developing Sora took around 2 and a half years of testing prototypes and painstaking assembling made by hand, and by all means, the bike really looks like it. Sora rolls with a frame made from carbon fiber and machined aluminum elements, accounting for the small weight and excellent stiffness living up to the superbike performance.

The 1498 mm (59.0 in.) wheelbase makes the Sora extremely agile in the urban environment, while no compromises have been made for the highway comfort. One of the really nifty features of the Sora is the electrically-adjustable solo seat, which allows riders of all statures to find their optimal riding position aboard this intriguing bike. Changes can be made on the fly, and this means the Sora adds a new definition for riding comfort and modern ergonomics.

Sora comes with a 27-degree, 43mm inverted forks and a fully adjustable Elka rear suspension, lightweight machined aluminum 17-inch wheels, dual 310mm petal rotors in the front and a 250mm rear one, and tips the scales at 260 kg (573 lb). Juice for the liquid-cooled direct drive motor comes from a hand-assembled 12kWh lithium-polymer battery which can be recharged in 9 hours with the on-board J1772-compatible charger.

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